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Blood Bound Masternode Coin (BOND) is created with several concepts in the developer's mind. The growing enthusiasm of the cryptoworld about masternodes and the proliferation of low-cost but efficient and reliable VPS hosting and even masternodes hosting made the dev choose masternode. The decision to select Xevan as the algorithm was to allow even those that don't have high-end NVidia GPU to mine BOND. Several people were able to obtain the coins from CPU mining before those with powerful mining rigs did.

Blood Bound was launched on discord. The dev commissioned a discord bot dev to create a tipbot exclusively for BOND community even before it could be listed on exchanges. The Bond Bot which is nicknamed Sleuth allows any users to tip anyone in the community and the users can also stake their coins with the bot. There is also an option to have masternode staking although it hasn't been activated yet.

The coin is named Blood Bound to remind the adaptors that every human in this world can show someone the compassion of a caring blood-bound relative. To start this, masternodes would be allocated for charity which would be deducted from the premine. The dev would coordinate with charitable institutions to promote cryptocurrency among its community members and spread awareness on trading which would possibly provide a steady source of income in the long run.

Being nicknamed BOND, everyone is reminded by the popular fictional character, James Bond, a secret agent created and popularized by English writer Ian Fleming. Inspired by the character, the team is pursuing the development of an engaging game platform that centers around espionage. The game would allow players to win points that could be redeemed to equivalent BOND coins. The game paraphernalia could be purchased using BONDs. This is envisioned to promote BOND and the demand for the coin. A certain percentage of the sale will go to BOND's charity fund.

As BOND gains popularity, the dev team would attempt to partner with merchants selling spy gadgets. It would also be nice if detective agencies would adopt BOND as payment for their services and would make transactions really obscure to prying eyes.

However, the first priority is to promote the coin among the crypto enthusiasts and have BOND listed on well-known exchanges. It is currently listed on, a newer cryptocurrency exchange. The dev is eyeing and is gathering funds to support listing and development of the game platform.



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